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(BDT_07_018) Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco


Architect: Mario Botta

Year: 1992-1995

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_019) Wallraff-Richartz-Museum (now Museum of Applied Art)

Wallraff-Richartz-Museum (now Museum of Applied Art)


Architect: Josef Bernard, Rudolf Schwarz

Year: 1953-1957 (restricted competition 1951)
Redesigned 1988-1989 by Walter von Lom

Location: Cologne, Germany

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_020) Museu de Serralves

Museu de Serralves


Architect: Álvaro Siza Vieira

Year: 1996-1999

Location: Porto, Portugal

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_021) Neue Pinakothek

Neue Pinakothek


Architect: Alexander Freiherr von Branca

Year: 1974-1981 (Award 1967)

Location: Munich, Germany

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_022) Museo Nacional de Arte Romano

Museo Nacional de Arte Romano


Architect: José Rafael Moneo Vallés

Year: 1981-1985

Location: Mérida, Spain

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_012) Neue Staatsgalerie

Neue Staatsgalerie


Architect: James Stirling, Michael Wilford, Michael Wilford & Associates

Year: 1979-1984 (restricted competition 1977)

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_013) Galerie der Gegenwart

Galerie der Gegenwart


Architect: Oswald Mathias Ungers

Year: 1992-1996 (competition 1986)

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_014) Bonnefantenmuseum



Architect: Aldo Rossi

Year: 1994 (commissioned in 1990)

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Building Type: Museums

(BDT_07_015) Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art


Architect: Josef Paul Kleihues

Year: 1991-1996

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Building Type: Museums