Search Help


How to search

The search box situated in the middle of the screen enables a full-text search. Therefore, you can search for anything you are interested in: A subject (“ecological”), general search term (“rooftop”), names of authors or architects and so forth.

  1. Start typing your search term right away into the search box.
  2. Either click the search icon (magnifying glass) or press Enter to show results.
  3. On the results page, edit you search term in the search box above the left-side filter menu.
  4. When viewing a project or article, the full-text search remains available through a click on the search icon in the upper right corner, next to the login/logout button.


  • A full-text search means that the full entries are being browsed. To perform a more targeted search for an entry, please combine two search terms or use the filters.
  • Pressing the Enter key without inserting a search term will bring you directly to an overview of all entries in the database. You will then be able to filter the entries by your desired categories.

How to sort your results

On the results page, please find the option “Sort by” in the left-side menu at the top.

Click the small arrow to open a drop-down menu with sorting options. You can sort your search results by one of the following criteria:

  • Relevance: Search results are sorted by relevance by default.
  • Year – Ascending: Order projects by their construction date, from oldest to most recent.
  • Year – Descending: Order projects by their construction date, from most recent to oldest.

How to filter your results

The filters are the most effective way to narrow down your results by specific aspects. The filters are based on metadata that have been assigned to the projects and articles.

You can find the filters in the left-side menu. Each filter category (e.g. “Building Types”) provides a drop-down menu from which you can select a specific term (e.g. “Housing”) within that filter category. The number after a term indicates the total amount of entries that match this term.

Please find below all available filter categories with explanations.

  • Entry Type
    Both projects and articles are shown by default. Use this filter to either display “Projects” for building projects and case studies or “Articles” for thematic articles on various subjects.
  • Building Types
    Filter by building types such as “Housing” or “Museums”.
  • Morphological Types
    Filter by morphological types such as “High-Rise” or “Solitary Building”.
  • Urban Context
    Filter by urban contexts such as “Green Spaces/Parks” or “Suburbia”.
  • Program
    Filter by programs such as “Secondary School” or “Storage”.
  • Architect
    Type in the first letters of an architect or firm name to find the desired name more quickly.
  • Country
    Type in the first letters of a country to filter by your desired location of a building.
  • Years
    Select time periods from “1945–1949” to “2020–2029” or “Before 1945” to narrow down your results. The time periods cover the planning and constructing phases of a project.
  • Volumetric Configuration
    Filter by volumetric configurations (geometric organizations) such as “Cluster” or “Linear”.
  • Height
    Select between “Low-“, “Mid-“, and “High-Rise”.
  • Load-Bearing Structure
    Select between “Column-and-Slab”, “Solid Construction”, and “Wide-Span Structures”.
  • Access Type
    Filter by access types such as “Atrium/Hall” or “Courtyard Access”.
  • Layout
    Filter by building layouts such as “Interconnected Ensemble” or “Split-Level”.
  • Outdoor Space
    Filter by outdoor spaces such as “Balcony” or “Roof Terrace”.


  • Combine filters from several filter categories such as “Building Type” and “Urban Context” to find what you are looking for.
  • Remove single filters by clicking on the “x” beside the respective term (e.g. “Courtyard Access” in “Access Type”).
  • Click the button “Clear All Filters” on top of the filter menu to reset your filters at once.


Last edited: 02/02/2023