Jürgen Adam, Katharina Hausmann, Frank Jüttner

Industrial Buildings: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2004

Contributions by Klaus Daniels and Hans-Joachim Kast, Rainer Fuchs, Fritz Haller, Gunter Henn, Jan Knippers and Alexander Hub, Friedrich Oesterle, Clemens Richarz, Christiane Thalgott

Translation into English: Fiona Greenwood (articles); Jörn Frenzel (projects)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Adam is Professor at the University of Stuttgart and Director of the Institute for Design and Construction. Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Hausmann is a civil engineer with a focus on construction engineering. Dipl.-Ing. Frank Jüttner is an architect in private practice in Ulm, Germany.

Hardo Braun, Dieter Grömling

Research and Technology Buildings: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2005

Contributions by Helmut Bleher, Hannelore Deubzer, Jürgen Eichler, Oswald W. Grube, Gerhard Hausladen and Hana Meindl, Manfred Hegger, Gunter Henn, Hans-U. Jaeger, Svante Pääbo, Kai L. Simons

Translation into English: Jörn Frenzel

Professor Dr.-Ing. Hardo Braun was head of the building department of Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, Munich (1991– 2000), and is Honorary Professor at Stuttgart University. Dipl.-Ing. Dieter

Grömling has headed the building department of Max Planck Society since 2001.

Prue Chiles (ed.)

Building Schools: Key Issues for Contemporary Design

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2015
Contributions by Leo Care, Howard Evans, Anna Holder, Claire Kemp

Prue Chiles is Professor of Architectural Design Research at the University of Newcastle. She set up and directed the Bureau – design + research (Bdr) in 2002 at the University of Sheffield, a practice specializing in school design and community regeneration projects.

DAM – Deutsches Architekturmuseum

Building and Living in Communities

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2015

Edited by Annette Becker, Laura Kienbaum, Kristien Ring, Peter Cachola Schmal (ed.)

Translation into English: Julian Reisenberger

Annette Becker is an art historian and a curator at the DAM Deutsches

Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt am Main. Laura Kienbaum is an architect and managing director of combine design GmbH.

Mark Dudek

Schools and Kindergartens: A Design Manual, second and revised edition
Birkhäuser (Basel) 2015

Contributions by Dorothea Baumann, Mohamed Boubekri, Susan Herrington, Susanne Hofmann, Peter Hübner, Norbert Huppertz, Pamela Loeffelman, Heather Marsden, Christina Niederstätter

Translation into English: Margot Stringer (articles by Baumann and Niederstätter, Hübner, Huppertz, Hofmann)

Mark Dudek runs a London-based design practice and is a consultant for education buildings. He is a Research Fellow at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield.

Peter Ebner, Eva Herrmann, Roman Höllbacher, Markus Kuntscher, Ulrike Wietzorrek

Typology +: Innovative Residential Architecture

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2010

Peter Ebner is Director of the Endowed Chair of Housing and Housing Economy at Technische Universität Munich. Eva Herrmann is an architect and lectures at Technische Universität Munich. Dr. Roman Höllbacher is an art historian that was involved in numerous publications on housing. Markus Kuntscher is an architect and urban planner in private practice in Munich. Ulrike Wietzorrek is an architect in private

practice as well as teaching at Technische Universität Munich.

Eckhard Feddersen, Insa Lüdtke

Living for the Elderly: A Design Manual, second and revised edition

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2018

Contributions by Helmut Braun, Stefan Dreßke, Maria B. Dwight, Dietmar Eberle, Angelika Hausenbiegl, Bernhard Heiming, Matthias Hürlimann, Katharina Hürlimann-Siebke, Marie-Therese Krings-Heckemeier, Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Johanna Myllymäki-Neuhoff, Georg W. Reinberg, Beth Tauke, Nikolaos Tavridis, Rudolf Welter, Harms Wulf

Translation into English: Julian Reisenberger

Eckhard Feddersen is an architect in private practice (feddersenarchitekten) with a focus on the social sector and housing for the elderly. In 2003, he initiated the Competency Network for Health, Care and Disabilities in Berlin. Insa Lüdtke is an architect with a focus on writing and journalism, publishing on healthcare design and living for the elderly.

Klaus-Peter Gast

Living Plans: New Concepts for Advanced Housing

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2005
Translation into English: Michael Robinson

Klaus-Peter Gast is an architect who wrote his doctoral dissertation about the work of Louis I. Kahn. His publications include Le Corbusier. Paris- Chandigarh and Louis I. Kahn. The Idea of Order.

Rainer Hascher, Simone Jeska, Birgit Klauck

Office Buildings: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2002

Contributions by Thomas Arnold, Wilhelm Bauer, Wolfram Fuchs, Peter Kern, Martin Lutz, Eberhard Oesterle, Bart Piepers, Edgar Schläfle, Klaus-Peter Stiefel, Marcel Storms

Translation into English: Fiona Greenwood

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Hascher is Professor at Technische Universität

Berlin and a partner in the architectural practice Hascher Jehle Architektur. Dipl.-Ing. Simone Jeska lectures architecture at Technische Universität Berlin. Dipl.-Ing.

Birgit Klauck AR teaches at ADIP (Architecture Design Innovation Program) at Technische Universität Berlin.

Oliver Heckmann, Friederike Schneider (eds.) with Eric Zapel

Floor Plan Manual Housing, fifth revised and expanded edition

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2018
Contribution by Reinhard Gieselmann

Translation into English: Elizabeth Schwaiger; David Bean (article by Gieselmann)

Oliver Heckmann is Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design, the focus of his research is on sustainable design and practice and on urban design development; Friederike Schneider is a Berlin-based architect with a focus on theater and scenery design.

Nolan Lushington, Wolfgang Rudorf, Liliane Wong

Libraries: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2016

Contributions by Norma Blake, Mohamed Boubekri, Rebecca Chestnutt, Michael Franke-Maier, Ursula Kleefisch-Jobst, Karl-Heinz Schmitz, Frank Seeliger, Aat Vos, Klaus Ulrich Werner

Nolan Lushington studied library science and was Associate Professor in the School of Library Science at Southern Connecticut State University as well as Chairman of the Buildings and Equipment section of the American Library Association. Wolfgang Rudorf is a licensed architect in Massachusetts and was responsible for the design of public and university libraries. He teaches in the Department of Interior Architecture

at the Rhode Island School of Design. Liliane Wong earned her Master of Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and is Professor and Head of the Department of Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Paul von Naredi-Rainer

Museum Buildings: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2004

Contributions by Oliver Hilger, Gerhard Kahlert, Helmut F. O. Müller, Herbert Pfeiffer, Hans Jürgen Schmitz

Translation into English: Fiona Greenwood

Paul von Naredi-Rainer is Professor of Art History at the University of Innsbruck.

Peter G. Rowe, Har Ye Kan

Urban Intensities: Contemporary Housing Types and Territories

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2015

Peter G. Rowe is the Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Harvard University and served 1992–2004 as Dean of the Graduate School of Design. Har Ye Kan is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

Rudolf Stegers

Sacred Buildings: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2008

Contributions by Dorothea Baumann, Negar Hakim, Roman Hollenstein, Eva-Maria Kreuz, Christina Niederstätter

Translation into English: Julian Reisenberger

Rudolf Stegers is an editor and writer in the field of architecture and architectural history and an exhibition curator. He wrote the book Räume der Wandlung, Wände und Wege: Studien zum Werk von Rudolf Schwarz on the German church architect Rudolf Schwarz as well as Hermann Herrey: Werk und Leben 1904-1968.

Wolfgang Sunder, Julia Moellmann, Oliver Zeise, Lukas Adrian Jurk

The Patient Room: Planning, Design, Layout

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2021
Translation into English: Julian Reisenberger

Wolfgang Sunder is an architect and professor at the University of Technology Braunschweig. He heads the project KARMIN, the development of a prototype for a infection-preventing patient room.

Cor Wagenaar, Noor Mens, Guru Manja, Colette Niemeijer, Tom Guthknecht

Hospitals: A Design Manual

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2018

Contributions by Giuseppe Lacanna and Peter Luscuere

Cor Wagenaar is the Thomassen à Thuessink Professor at the University of Groningen, focused on architecture, urbanism and health; Noor Mens teaches urban history at the Eindhoven University of Technology; Guru Manja and Colette Niemeijer are the founders of CEANconsulting that advises hospitals on healthcare architecture; Tom Guthknecht is a consultant in healthcare and teaches at the ETH Zürich.

Ulrike Wietzorrek

Housing +: On Thresholds, Transitions, and Transparencies

Birkhäuser (Basel) 2014

Ulrike Wietzorrek teaches at Technische Universität Munich and is in private practice at her office ‘juli architekten’ in Munich.

Bauwelt is the leading German architectural journal, addressing an audience of professionals. It was founded in 1910 and is based in Berlin. It is a forum for analyses and comments on the latest trends in architecture and urban planning and is issued every two weeks. Bauwelt is a medium of opinion and tendency; it generates relevance for readers from the discussion and classification of the latest architectural, urban planning and building policy issues: what opportunities and challenges does the current housing situation present? What does the energy revolution mean for architects and planners? How does demographic change impact on urban development? What role do investors and project developers play today? Possible answers to these important issues of building today and in the future are elaborated in an interdisciplinary manner and discussed in Bauwelt with assessments coming from different perspectives.