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(BDT_27_025) Houtwijk Cohousing Residences

Houtwijk Cohousing Residences


Architect: Andries Van Wijngaarden

Year: 1984

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_27_019) Conjunto Residential Tower

Conjunto Residential Tower


Architect: Oscar Niemeyer

Year: 1957

Location: Berlin, Germany

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_27_007) Isokon Building

Isokon Building


Architect: Wells Coates

Year: 1933

Location: London, Great Britain

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_27_006) Breslau Men’s and Women’s Hostel

Breslau Men’s and Women’s Hostel


Architect: Hans Scharoun

Year: 1929

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_012) Wohnen Morgen Vienna

Wohnen Morgen Vienna


Architect: Wilhelm Holzbauer

Year: 1980

Location: Vienna, Austria

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_005) St. Peter Housing Estate, Graz

St. Peter Housing Estate, Graz


Architect: Eugen Gross, Friedrich Gross-Rannsbach, Hermann Pichler, Werner Hollomey

Year: 1978

Location: Graz, Austria

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_23_204) Rudolf Steiner School Geneva – Extension

Rudolf Steiner School Geneva


Architect: localarchitecture

Year: 2018

Location: Confignon, Switzerland

Building Type: Educational Buildings

(BDT_23_186) Fenix 1 Residential Building

Fenix 1 Residential Building


Architect: Mei architects and planners, Space Encounters

Year: 2019

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_013) Brunswick Centre, London

Brunswick Centre, London


Architect: Patrick Hodgkinson

Year: 1972

Location: London, United Kingdom

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_009) Alexandra Road Estate, London

Alexandra Road Estate


Architect: Neave Brown

Year: 1979

Location: London, UK

Building Type: Housing