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(BDT_26_006) Koseze Housing Estate, Ljubljana

Koseze Housing Estate, Ljubljana


Architect: Viktor Pust

Year: 1981

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_004) Alt-Erlaa Residential Park, Vienna

Alt-Erlaa Residential Park, Vienna


Architect: Harry Glück, Kurt Hlaweniczka, Requat & Reinthaller working group

Year: 1985

Location: Vienna, Austria

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_003) Olympic Village, Munich

Olympic Village, Munich


Architect: Heinle, Wischer und Partner

Year: 1972

Location: Munich, Germany

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_23_197) Thulestraße Housing Complex

Thulestraße Housing Complex


Architect: Zanderroth Architekten

Year: 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_23_196) Bricks Residential Buildings

Bricks Residential Building


Architect: GRAFT

Year: 2021

Location: Berlin, Germany

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_23_195) KPTN Residential and Mixed-Use Building

KPTN Residential and Mixed-Use Building


Architect: blauraum Architekten, Nalbach + Nalbach

Year: 2019

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_013) Brunswick Centre, London

Brunswick Centre, London


Architect: Patrick Hodgkinson

Year: 1972

Location: London, United Kingdom

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_26_010) Autobahnüberbauung Schlangenbader Strasse, Berlin

Autobahnüberbauung Schlangenbader Strasse, Berlin


Architect: Georg Heinrichs, Gerhard Krebs, Klaus Krebs

Year: 1980

Location: Berlin, Germany

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_20_022) Harumi Apartments

Harumi Apartments


Architect: Kunio Maekawa

Year: 1958

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Building Type: Housing

(BDT_20_023) Station Illnau Residential Ensemble

Station Illnau Residential Ensemble


Architect: Guignard & Saner Architekten

Year: 2010

Location: Illnau, Switzerland

Building Type: Housing